What library should I use for parsing and validating JWT token in PHP?

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Could anyone please suggest what PHP library should I use for parsing and validation of JWT / OIDC token?

At this moment I have found this library by firebase however I am not sure how stable and reliable it is.

If you know any other proven / better library for PHP / JWT, please suggest it here!


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I would suggest you to read this JWT article for starters. They explain basics about JWT token structure.

Here is what I think about "firebase/php-jwt" library:

  1. It is not that much code in their JWT.php file so it would not be too difficult to get yourself familiar with that code (after you read the article above). It follows the common steps required to validate JWT regardless of programming language i.e. PHP or Java or Ruby or Python or Perl - the validation / parsing logic would be very similar
  2. I use that library and it works quite stable
  3. Unfortunately I cannot suggest you any alternative PHP JWT library

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