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Our Referral Program is designed to reward people who post quality answers that bring traffic from Google

We will send you $0.20 in Bitcoins for every new registered user who discovers BitExperts through Google search landing on the page with your answer!

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How does it work?


Post some good answers!

Solved problem at work? Post it here as a self-answered question. Also, please consider signing up for New Question Alerts with keywords that match your skills. Be the first to answer questions posted by other people!
* Start by posting problems that you have already solved!

People will find your answers via Google search

More than 90% of BitExperts traffic comes from Google. New users will be landing on your answer page from their Google search. We will save their landing page in the browser cookies.

New users log in to BitExperts

When the new user would log in to BitExperts, we will check their cookies and find their original visit from Google. At this moment, you will be awarded with referral fees of up to $0.20 in Bitcoins per user!
* Referral fees may be split between several answers, please read below

Get $0.20 in Bitcoins as referral fees!

For every new user, we will send referral fees directly to your QRID wallet! We hope that this will encourage you to continue posting quality answers to!
* Referral fees may be split between most upvoted answers, please read below

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Referral Program Rules:

Questions may have more than one Answer. However, not every answer would qualify for Referral Fees.

We reward:

  • Answer that has been accepted by the person who has posted that Question
  • Answers that have received most votes

We do not reward:

  • Non-unique copy-pasted answers – we do not allow duplicate content. Duplicate content does not rank well in Google anyways. Users who post such content will be banned from our Referral Program.
  • Low quality answers that receive no votes.

Here is the logic we use to reward Referral Fees:

Step 1 - Selecting Answers to reward:

  • Answer that has been accepted by the person who asked the Question
  • Other Answers may be selected based on their votes, using the following rules. Both conditions should be true:
    • this Answer should receive at least 2 votes, AND
    • this Answer's votes should be >= 40% of MAX voted Answer

Step 2 - Calculating Fees for each Selected Answer:

Referral Award of $0.20 gets split between Selected Answers. Fees for each Answer are calculated pro-rated based on each Answer votes count.

Imagine that you have answered a question and you answer has been accepted by the person who asked this Question. Also, your Answer has 55 upvotes. Then, there are 3 more answers from other people, with 25, 5 and 1 upvotes.

  • Your Answer – 55 upvotes (Accepted)
  • Answer A – 25 upvotes
  • Answer B – 5 upvotes
  • Answer C – 1 upvote

MAX (Votes) = 55, so 40% of 55 = 22. Answer A with 25 upvotes also gets selected for referral fees b/c its 25 votes are greater than threshold (25 > 22). Answers B and C are not selected.

So we have 2 Selected Answers - Your Answer with 55 votes and Answer A with 25 votes. Your Answer would get 55 / (55 + 25) = 69% of $0.20, and Answer A would get remaining 31% of $0.20.

So Your Answer would get $0.14 and Answer A would get $0.06 in Bitcoins. Keep in mind that newly registered user would also get $1 after installing QRID app so maybe they would be kind to send you some more Bitcoins if they like your Answer!

Referral fees are paid instantly directly to your QRID wallet. You should receive a Push Notification about new transaction.

Referral Program - FAQ:

Q: Why don't you just give me Referral Link like many other Referral Programs do?

At this moment, we want to reward a very specific type of user behavior, i.e. posting UNIQUE QUALITY ANSWERS that also bring traffic from Google.

This is a Win-Win for both BitExperts users and us:
  • Benefits for the user who asked a question – their question gets answered!
  • Benefits for our website – we would receive more traffic from Google, so more users would register in the future
  • Benefits for the person who posted UNIQUE ANSWER – more users from Google would come to read their ANSWER, and they would keep receiving Referral Fees for a long time!