Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get $1 FREE?
Every new user who installs QRID mobile app would automatically receive $1 in Bitcoins absolutely FREE!
Q: What is QRID?
QRID allows internet users to login to websites without passwords! Instead of typing a password, user would scan a QR code displayed on the login page.
Q: What should user do in order to login with QRID?
1. Click on a "Login With QRID" link
2. Use QRID mobile app to scan QR code displayed on a login page
Q: Where can I download QRID mobile app?
Links to download QRID app from Google Play Market and Apple AppStore could be found here
Q: Why my Question / Answer / Comment was deleted?
Content could become hidden or deleted because of the following reasons:
1. Your content violates Terms Of Service rules that are described here
2. Your content contains irrelevant links not related to the question topic
Q: What is a Question Bounty?
You could assign Bounty to your questions. Bounties result in more attention to your Question and increase the possibility of receiving quality answers. After receiving answers you could send Bounty payments to one or many users. Please click here to learn more about Bounties
Q: How can I send a Bounty payment?
You need to use QRID mobile app then click "Send Tips" link displayed under the Answer or Comment that you want to reward. Then follow instructions on the Send Tips page and use QRID app to complete your payment
Q: Can I send a Bounty payment to more than one user?
Yes, you just need to follow "Send Tips" links under each content that you want to reward
Q: How can I earn some Bitcoins?
Just post some helpful Answers or comments, and we are sure that some of the users would send you Bitcoin tips to your QRID account!
Q: Where can I assign a Bounty for my Question?
You could do so while Adding or Editing your question