Bitcoin Tipping - How It Works

You have to use free QRID mobile app to send and receive Bitcoin Tips at Install QRID now and you will get $1 worth of Bitcoins absolutely FREE! We hope you'll use it to send tips!

Once you have QRID app, sending tips is easy - click on one of the “Send Tips” links displayed below the Answer or Comment that you like, and follow instructions on the screen.

How Much Should I Tip?

You should only send tips when you have that genuine feeling of gratitude and sending tips (even if small) feels like a right thing to do!

We think that the user who would receive your tip would appreciate any amount - whether it is $0.05 or $25.

Think of it as “buying someone else a cup of coffee”. In United States, a cup coffee might cost anywhere between $1.5 and $5. In India, it might be $0.5 or less.

We will be happy to see our users sending tips of any size, be it small or large.

Since every new QRID user gets $1 FREE after installing the app, you could start by sending 4 tips $0.25 each. THANK YOU!