What is Thales DPoD service?

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What is Thales DPoD service? They mention it all over their docs but what is the meaning of DPoD acronym exactly?

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Thales DPoD acronym simply means "Data Protection On Demand". Some more links are below.

Data Protection on Demand | Thales

Cloud Based HSM Using DPoD vs. On-Premises HSM: A TCO Comparison - White Paper. As enterprises step up their cybersecurity to protect the increasing ...

Please look here: https://cpl.thalesgroup.com/encryption/cloud-hsm-services-on-demand

Adding a DPoD HSM on Demand Service - Thales ...

Prerequisites. >DPoD supports Windows and Linux operating systems only. This procedure presumes that you have already set up SafeNet Luna HSM Client ...

Please look here: https://thalesdocs.com/gphsm/luna/10.1/docs/network/Content/install/software/add_dpod.htm

Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) | Ergonomics

With Data Protection on Demand (DPoD), security is made simpler, more cost effective and easier to manage because there is no hardware to buy, deploy and ...

Please look here: https://ergonomics.ch/products-solutions/security-solutions/dpod/

ID-3 Thales DPoD - ID3

Thales Cloud HSM. Free 30-Day Evaluation: It's not just data protection. It's data protection on demand.

Please look here: https://id-3.co.uk/products/id-3-gemalto-thales-marketing-content/

Announcing SafeNet Data Protection On Demand (DPoD ...

7 ago 2018 - Gemalto is now part of The Thales Group. ... DPoD Key Import ... An on-premises SafeNet Luna HSM device to a DPoD HSM on Demand ...

Please look here: https://data-protection-updates.gemalto.com/2018/08/07/announcing-safenet-data-protection-on-demand-dpod-version-1-5/

New Partner Tiles in DPoD Marketplace | Data Protection ...

10 mar 2020 - Thales is pleased to announce the introduction of additional tiles to the DPoD Marketplace. Partner tiles provide direct links to Thales Partners ...

Please look here: https://data-protection-updates.gemalto.com/2020/03/10/new-partner-tiles-in-dpod-marketplace/

SafeNet Data Protection On Demand - YouTube

3 giu 2020 - Thales Cloud Security. Thales ... DPODcast: Intro to DPoD. Thales ... DPoD Tech Talk Volume 1: Signing up for the Free Trial of DPoD. Thales ...

Please look here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw3mEF7reqIP2dqxmQwtMqL6UZ8RFSgUR

Thales Partner Brief - AppViewX

for the lifecycle management of X.509 certificates, and Thales Data Protection On Demand. (DPoD) Cloud HSM or Luna HSM ensures the security of the private ...

Please look here: https://www.appviewx.com/Collaterals/Partners-Briefs/Thales-Certificate-Management-and-Secure-Key-Orchestration-with-Thales-and-AppViewX.pdf

Thales – Keyfactor

With built-in integrations with Thales SafeNet DPoD and Luna hardware security modules (HSMs), Keyfactor provides the most secure and scalable PKI for your ...

Please look here: https://www.keyfactor.com/integrations/thales/


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