how to synchronize my PC bitcoin wallet (Electrum) with my tablet bitcoin wallet (Electrum Lite)

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Hello friends, I have recently downloaded electrum lite wallet for my tablet but I am have no idea as to how I can synchronize it to my electrum wallet that already installed in my PC. Can any of you help in this...

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Hi Andrews,

You can export private keys from your current PC wallet and import it to electrum wallet. Please see screenshot below:

enter image description here


I've noticed your balance in the image above is being low... Here are some millicoins to keep that balance up :)

On a more serious note, I think the Export function should work for Andrews purpose, as long as he could find an Import Key or Seed feature in his Electrum-Lite. I was hoping to install it on my Nexus 7 and make a screenshot onhow to import keys into tablet app, but Electrum-Lite app is not available directly from Google Play - you have to install it manually using Python for Android and running some .PY scripts... Was too much work for me - maybe will do it a bit later.

Andrews, please let us know if you have "Import Key" option in your tablet Electrum-Lite app!


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