How can I reset root password for MySQL

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I have installed MySQL server in Ubuntu 12.04 and I forgot password for user named root.

How I can reset password for this user?


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Easy steps to reset mySQL root password:

  1. Check the version of mysql-server;

    apt-cache policy mysql-server

    and you will see string like this:

    Installed: 5.5.26-0ubuntu0.12.04

    it means that you have a mysql-server-5.5 installed in your system

  2. Start reconfiguration:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5 < version of mysql server
  3. Change the password on this screen:

Configuring MySQL Server

  1. Try connect:

    mysql -u root -p

You can read full answer by this link.


Thanks! It helped me :)


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