I forgot the pattern lock of my android phone ? Is there any way to unlock my android phone without factory reset?

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How can I unlock the "pattern lock" of my android phone without factory reset or wipe all data ?

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If the "USB Debugging" option is enabled on your phone, you can recover the pattern!

1. First Download the "SRSRoot" from here and install it on your computer or laptop with Windows OS.

2. Connect to internet with your PC or laptop and then run "SRSRoot". (You'll need internet till the end of this instruction.)

3. Connect your phone to your computer with USB cable.

4. You need to root your phone. Use on of these options on the "SRSRoot" : "Root Device(All Methods)" or "Root Device(SmartRoot)" and wait until it's finished.

5. Then on "SRSRoot" select "ADB Toolbox" option.

6. From the right opened side , select "Read Gesture Lock" .

7. SRSRoot will show you the pattern lock with numbers like the following picture: enter image description here

8. Draw the pattern in the direction that you saw to unlock your phone.

And if my version of SRSRoot is outdated please get the latest version from this site: www.SRSROOT.com That's all. Good Luck.

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Thank you Glamboy for your contribution! To people who are considering using this method, keep in mind that routing your device with methods like these is potentially dangerous and you should completely trust the EXE that you are about to run and it could potentially damage your phone, steal your wallet keys, your Bitcoins, etc. I would personally never use such method on a phone that has a Bitcoin Wallet installed, b/c basically nothing stops the root exploit from taking your wallet keys along with your coins. Use at your own risk!


Thank you alex ! If you are afraid to root your phone with this method , then root you device with "iRoot" or "KingRoot"! and yes alex this can be dangerous... but I think this option ( only reading pattern lock) is safe!
And this EXE is trusted I Just used this for reading pattern lock. But I suggest you all to use this program only for reading your pattern lock! And Do not use it's other options like "Reset User Lock" , "Reset Gesture Lock" , "Reset Gmail" , "Wipe All Data" and ...


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