Windows XP Remote Desktop cannot connect to remote Windows 7 host

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I have a remote Windows 7 computer in the same subnet as my local Windows XP computer. They are in the same network segment, so no routing is required to reach Windows 7 host. Also, Win 7 host is successfully pingable by both IP address and host name - so the destination host is up and running and responds to pings.

Here is what I am trying to do from Windows XP host:

1) run MSTSC.EXE, which is a command to launch Remote Desktop client shipped with Windows XP

2) enter Win 7 host name or IP address - both are successfully pingable from Win XP host

3) after 10 seconds delay or so, it shows the dialog box with the error message:

Remote Desktop Disconnected
This computer cannot connect to the remote computer
Try connecting again. If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator

I realized that I had MSTSC version 6.0, and some people have suggested that I would download MSTSC version 7.0 which requires Windows XP Service Pack 3, and which supposedly implements new RDP protocol features introduced in Windows 7.

So I've downloaded and installed the newer version of MSTSC from Miscosoft's website, here is the link:

Update for Windows XP (KB969084) - MSTSC version 7.0

However, that has not fixed my problem. Still could not connect... Please advice! Thanks!


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To troubleshoot the RDP connection problem, I've decided to see if Windows 7 Firewall blocks TCP port 3389 which is used by RDP protocol. I've used telnet for quick and dirty port check:

telnet win7host 3389

and telnet was not able to connect either. I've tried telnet to some other Win XP remote host, and it worked (had to close telnet window manually b/c it entered into non-responding state)

So now it has become clear that Windows 7 Firewall is most likely the reason of my connection not getting through. Disabled firewall - tried to connect both through MSTSC and telnet - nothing has changed... connection was failing ...


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