[FIXED] - latest Skype update (7.6) has killed Windows XP SP3 - rendering problems, instability, network and BSODs

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Stupidly agreed to install latest Skype update (to version 7.6) and it has totally killed my Windows XP Service Pack 3 computer. The computer is experiencing the following issues:

  • Skype 7.6 cannot render its windows properly - the Skype window would not repaint itself, only re-draws itself when you move your mouse over the window area. Dragging the Skype window would render it white or with artifacts, and it would only try to refresh or re-render itself when you mouse over it.
  • Chrome cannot connect to the internet
  • Firefox does not start
  • Attempting to close Skype or showing the About window would display this message: "Not enough storage is available to process this command."

Some other people (not me) reported experiencing the following issues:

  • Windows XP becomes unstable after few hours
  • Windows XP cannot shut down properly
  • Skype cannot be uninstalled

Please help!

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Thanks to your advice the problems of my windows XP were finally resolved. Trying to install the downloaded Skype 7.5 I faced a problem saying "fail to load library dxva2.dll " I managed to fix it so easy by downloadin DLL-files fixed from:
http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?dxva2 I am really thankful to you!

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Thank you. Following your instructions worked well. Cheers, Edgar

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I just downloaded and installed Skype 7.5 to my XP SP3 machine. Now when I try to log in to Skype, I get a "Skype can't connect" message. I can go to the Skype website and log in, but still can't open Skype. What can I do, other than to find an alternative to Skype?

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'Till today I had been using Skype 7.38 and it worked fine for years, but today it would not work correctly. So I followed the advice below and downloaded Skype 7.5 from the link: 1. Link to download Skype 7.5 - the last working version!: *https://web.archive.org/web/20141213144457/http://download.skype.com/msi/SkypeSetup7.5.0.102.ms* It works like a charm - THANK YOU!!!

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Well the obvious solution was to update back to Skype 7.5 and then DISABLE the Skype Update Service.

1. Link to download Skype 7.5 - the last working version


if the link above is not working for some reason, try this link:


Note that we had to use the only working link to download Skype 7.5 from Archive.org. This is because Skype Team did not want to make it easy for us - they have recently (Jul 2015) disabled all downloads of all previous older versions of Skype. So we had to dig through Archive.org. Here is an answer on how to find working download links of older versions of software using archive.org.

2. Uninstall your useless Skype 7.6 then install downloaded 7.5 MSI file

You need to uninstall Skype 7.6 first before trying to install that MSI file. If you do not remember your Skype password - in my case I was able to uninstall and reinstall older Skype and I did NOT need to re-enter my password - the newly installed Skype was automatically logged in. However, it never hurts to know your Skype password just in case :). So here is how to uninstall Skype 7.6 and downgrade to Skype 7.5:

  • Go to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs"
  • Find "Skype 7.6" and click "Remove"
  • I was not restarting my PC, immediately after removing the 7.6 I've double clicked on the MSI file from Skype 7.5, and everything worked just fine
  • after installing Skype 7.5, everything runs fine

3. Disable Skype Updater Service

Even that was not easy. Disabling it inside Skype Options was not enough, when I restarted the Skype asked me if I want to install updates (NO, thank you but NO) . So I had to dig deeper and disable Skype Updater service as well. Here is step-by-step:

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatic Updates
  • make sure that button label reads "Turn on automatic updates" which means the current state is OFF, i.e. Automatic Updates are disabled. Do not forget to click "Save" button if necessary!

skype update options

  • Goto Desktop > My Computer, right click on it, select 'Manage' menu
  • Click on the "Services", look for 'Skype Updater' service

locate skype updater service

  • right-click on 'Skype Updater' service, select Properties" menu item
  • In the dialog window, select "Startup Type" to "Disabled", click "Apply", this would also stop the service

disabling skype automatic updates service

4. More Information




You could use higher than 7.5 version, just few simple steps: http://windowspro.eu/skype-fix-not-enough-storage-is-available-to-process-this-command/

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Thanks Mr Doe for sharing this link. I want to send you some "thank you" Bitcoins - if you could only put a Bitcoin address in your User Profile. Thanks!

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I think you should make a donation for windowspro.eu too (http://windowspro.eu/donate-to-windowspro-eu/), they were the first one to fix the problem, while no other fix helped.

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The problem is that Skype was uodated and will not let us use this solution. Telling me that Skype signed me out because I use an out dated version. IMO MS should be fined into the millions by creating problems like this. But nobody able to take them to court here in the USA, perhaps the EU could do it.


Thank you so much for the link to the older version. I had the same case as yours. It's a definite mistake to upgrade to the newer version of Skype. I already gave them my feedback, and hope they stop misleading users into traps like this.


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