What is a pitch size in a 96boards low speed 40-pin connector?

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Trying to make a custom cable for my HiKey board Lemaker edition. I wonder what is the pitch size (i.e. distance between pins) on a 40-pin Low Speed Expansion Connector? Thanks!

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1 Answer

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Short Answer

the 96boards 40-pin connector pitch size is 2 mm, recommended pin wire diameter is 0.51 mm

Detailed Answer

According to 96Boards Consumer Edition Specification,

Low Speed Expansion Connector

A 40 pin low profile female 2mm receptacle (20x2) 4.5mm height is specified.

enter image description here

Part numbers include:

  • Molex 87381-4063 (SMT)
  • FCI 55510-140LF (SMT)
  • Samtec TLE-120-01-G-DV (SMT)
  • TE 4-1470209-3 (Through hole)
  • TE 4-1734506-3 (Through hole)
  • FCI 63453-140LF (Through hole)

Making a Custom Cable / Jumper Wires for 96boards

If you are trying to make a set of jumper wire pins to be insterted into 40-pin female connector on a 96boards, then consider the following specs. It looks like the pin wire diameter should be 0.51 mm .

enter image description here


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