free In App purchase in android ?!

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How can I do In App purchase in android games and programs for free ?

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1. Your android phone needs to be rooted! If you don't know how to root your android phone, ask me. I can guide you for free (you don't need to send tips to me for this.)

2. Install the latest version of "Lucky Patcher" from here.(on the web page of Lucky patcher , scroll down and download it from the Green box)

3. Then open the "Lucky Patcher" and grant root access for "Lucky Patcher".

4. Go to "toggles" and make sure "Google billing emulation" is turned on.

5. In the list of Apps long press on one of programs or games that you want to do In App Purchase for free on the program or game. (Remember that you can not do any patch on the Apps with red color in the list!)

6. Select the "Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation" option and check mark these: "Support patch for LVL emulation" and "support patch InApp emulation" and then select "Apply".

7. After patching select "Lunch". (You need at least 28% Luck!)

8. Try purchasing some coins or … on that game!

9. If you failed, go to step 4 and turn "Google billing emulation" off and try patching again!

10. Remember that you may not be able to do In App Purchase for free on some programs or some famous games!

11. If the patched program or game crashed, just go to "lucky Patcher". Long press on the App and select "Remove odex with changes(restore app)" and press "yes". (if your program or game blocked the "Lucky Patcher" ID, then use this edited version of "Lucky Ptacher") Good Luck


Thanks Glamboy for your contribution!

You're Welcome dear alex and thank you too


and if someone wants a pro or paid version of an android program for free , I can give you that ! Just write what you want here in the comments . like titanium backup pro , IM+ pro, ....


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