How to extract APK file for the app already installed through Google Play

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  1. I have 1st phone that does not have access to Google Play, so I need to physically download APK files in order to install new apps on that phone
  2. I have another phone that DOES HAVE Google Play, and I have installed the app in question on that 2nd phone


How can I get APK file from the 2nd phone and move it to the 1st phone?



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Try to use in 2nd phone SHARE IT.apk get on google play ,then send apk file to 1st phone

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Taking Back Up of an android App using Astro file Manager

Astro file manager is an android file manager software developed by the Metago company. At present, it is the is the most downloaded and fastest growing file management application among android lovers. In order to create a backup of an android app on your phone, first download Astro file manager software and install it on your android device: for phone2

1-Open Astro file manager.

2-Select the menu button of your android device.

3-Select 'tools' from the menu.'

4-After selecting 'tools', select 'Application Manager/Backup' from the options.

5-Choose the apps to back up.

6-Click on back up option.

7-The .apk installation file will be extracted and the file will be saved in the 'backups' folder on your memory card. and transfer to other phone1

other method

APK Extractor download for phone 2

after that

  1. apk will be saved in /sdcard/apks in phone 2

2.Transfer sdcard from phone 2 to phone 1 and install all apk which that want its


by apk will be send to e-mail and open e-email in phone1 and install apk


1-transfer all file apk saved in sdcard/apks in phone 2 and moved her to PC by cable (USB)

2- saved apk files in PC

3- move or transfer to other phone(phone 1) saved in dwonload and install apk from there

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Thanks Josef. Could you please include links to Google Play for the apps that you mention? Also, if you are using Chrome browser, it is easy to make a sceenshot from Google Play, then paste id directly to Canvas in BX Image Upload screen (image pasting from clipboard to canvas works only in Chrome for now). Thanks!

  1. you can use "app backup restore" from google play and backup there apps
  2. you can find your apk apps in folder app backup
  3. and finally you can send there apps to your phone by bluetooth and etc
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Thanks Andrian, welcome to BitExperts! Do you know the exact path to the backup folder from the root? Does it depend on an Android version (Jeely Bean / Kit Kat / Lolipop / etc?) or vendor / model (Samsung / HTC / LG etc?) Thanks!


if the phone rooted, you can use the Lucky Patcher App to create a Apk file from installed apps on the phone! but if the phone not rooted , you can use Zapya App to send the installed apps on your phone via Bluetooth or via a WiFi network !! you can find Lucky Patcher here . and you can find Zapya by searching on Google play store.

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Thank you! Bitcoins are in the mail :)

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Wow thank you so much alex I just wanted to share those Apps with you !

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ok I'll wait and thanks in advance


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