Linux. How do I download directory using SFTP?


I have two Linux servers(Ubuntu 12.0) and I need to download directory with some files from server number 2 to server number 1 using SFTP(SSH connection).

At this point I put public key from the server number 1 to /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys on server number 2 but I don't know what utility I need to use.


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You have the several ways;

1. Use MC(Midnight Commander)

You can install it using this string:

`sudo apt-get install mc`
  • Click 'Right->SFTP link'

  • Enter data from server number 2, connect, find your directory and press F5 enter image description here

2. Using SCP utility:

scp -rp user@host:/directory/from/remote_host /directory/on/your/current/host
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