Implementing A/B testing with ASP.NET MVC backend and Google Analytics reporting tools


A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better - sells more products or signs up more users or whatever other goal you are optimizing for.

You compare two versions of your page (let's call them A and B) by showing version A to some visitors and version B to other visitors. Both pages usually run in parallel (at the same time). Those visitors who see version A should never see version B, and vice versa.

You run the test to collect enough data and then select the winning page - i.e. the one that gives a better conversion rate.

There are many paid products that allow webmasters to run A/B testing. For example, will cost you $60/month or more, b/c like most of these tools they demand higher fees if your site has more traffic/visitors.

However, it should not be difficult for .NET programmer to integrate A/B testing methodology with Google Analytics reporting tools and have a free A/B testing tool with unlimited test traffic / iterations


How can we setup A/B testing using ASP.NET MVC backend and Google Analytics Reporting tools? Are there any Open Source libraries that facilitate A/B testing with ASP.NET MVC and Google Analytics?


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Obviously, the first place to take a look at is here:

Google Analytics Content Experiments

This is GA's variation of A/B testing



Check out FairlyCertain ( when you get a chance. It's a .NET A/B library that you can pretty much just drop into your project and start writing tests. Unlike the Javascript libraries from Google and VisualWebsiteOptimizer, everything happens on the server so you don't suffer any performance, user experience or SEO issues. I've been using it in my stuff for a while now and it works quite well.


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