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Implementing A/B testing with ASP.NET MVC backend and Google Analytics reporting tools
6 years ago • alex
A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better - sells more products or signs up more users or whatever other goal you are optimizing for. You compare two versions of your page (let's call them A and B) by showing version A to some visitors and version B to other visitors. Both pages usually run in parallel (at the same time). Those visitors who see version A should never
Get ViewResult from ViewEngineResult object that was obtained through ViewEngines.Engines.FindView - ASP.NET MVC
7 years ago • alex
We have some custom MVC controller that dynamically loads different views with view name being specified through action parameter. It was working fine. Now we are going through a website localization project translating most of our UI to another language. We will deploy the same codebase to 2 different websites, and the WEB.CONFIG culture settings would dictate the UI language for each site. We used resources for most of the site localization
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