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Invision Power Services(IPS). Forum. How can I debug my DB updates?
4 years ago • support_man
Hello. 1. I created a plug- in admin panel 2. Modified the file "plugins\<pluginName>\dev\setup\install.php" or "plugins\<pluginName>\dev\setup\<updateVersion>.php" How can I run this file(files) without install(uninstall) of the plugin? When I click uninstall plugin from AdminCP plugin will be deleted with its files. OR If I click to download button I will get XML file but not files of this plugin. Can I debug update/inst ...
Forum software that supports login through OpenID Connect (OIDC) - different from old OpenID
5 years ago • alex
I am looking for a forum software that would out of the box (or with some plugin) support OpenID Connect logins. This is a new 2014 standard which is different from old OpenID as we know it. Please advice!
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