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Validate digital signature in PHP using public key from PFX certificate?
5 years ago • lampego1@qrid
I need to validate a digital signature (RSA256) using openssl_verify function. To validate digital signature, one of course needs to know a public key, which is provided to me in the form of PFX certificate. However, openssl_verify expects a so-called resource key identifier object as an input parameter, and it simply cannot use the key from PFX certificate directly. I was hoping that function blank" title="openssl_pkey_get_public">openssl_pk ...
Digitally sign JSON API calls from Android App (Java) to ASP.NET Web API 2 (C#)
5 years ago • alex
We have an Android App written in Java that performs HTTPS calls to our mobile API server running ASP.NET Web API 2 (C#). Some API methods require authentication, and some methods are "open". Protecting "open" methods is not required, but we still want to protect those "open" calls with digital signatures. So Android app will have a Private Key to sign the "open" API calls with. The strategy of delivering that private key into the app is irre ...
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