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I can't install Skype on windowsenter image description here xp
Please help me

Hi Rootx, please provide more information about your environment:

  • what is your exact OS + Service Pack version
  • what is your CPU / motherboard / ram
  • what version of Skype are you trying to install (I am assuming the latest?)


Windows XP SP3
I was using skype 6.21 and everything was fine but I removed it 10 days ago . Big mistake , I can't install 6.21 again .

I have the original (SkypeSetup.msi) and tried to install it again but same problem . Thanks :)

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You could try to run installer one more time with logging option turned on, and hope that log file will contain some useful info that would help you to understand what is going wrong.

To run the installer with logging enabled:

Open a console window, and navigate to the folder containing your installer’s executable. Run the installer, specifying the logging option:

SkypeSetup.exe /log

The installer creates a log file named 'install-<YearMonthDate>.log' in the current folder, with the timestamp indicating when the install started. You could then post your installation log here, or Contact Skype Customer Service via Live Chat, and they will help you submit your logs to them for troubleshooting.

HTH, Alex


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