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What is BitcoinJ library analog for iOS / iPhone / Objective-C / Swift?
5 years ago • alex
Need to create an iOS app that would implement client-side Bitcoin Wallet. In Android, we would use BitcoinJ library. Is there any library for iOS similar to BitcoinJ? Objective-C or Swift? Thanks!
How to get/detect screen size in Xamarin.Forms?
5 years ago • kojemyakin
I am trying to rewrite an app that I originally developed for iOS. I was going to develop a native Android version but then decided it would be better to use this opportunity and try using Xamarin.Forms. Doing it one Page at a time, now I'm stuck with the Page where I need to get the screen's width and height. Does anyone know the equivalent of iOS' View.Frame.Width in Xamarin.Forms?
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