Tips - How It Works

  • Any Wallet could be used
  • Direct blockchain transaction from Wallet to Wallet

  • You could use any Bitcoin Wallet so send tips (Mobile, Web-based, or classic Desktop Bitcoin Core Wallet)
  • Anonymous internet users could also send tips. However, we would suggest you to login before sending tips so you could grow your reputation by tipping
  • Tips go directly from your wallet to the other users personal wallet. We at BitExperts only display a destination Bitcoin Address provided to us by user in their Profile.
  • BitExperts does not (and cannot) take any commissions from your tips, unless you want to tip is directly in a separate transaction (thank you!)
  • BitExperts monitors Bitcoin Blockchain so we could actually see your transaction there, and so we could change a tip STATUS in our database (and also update your reputation score). Please see the STATUSES explained on the left

How much to tip?

  • You should only send tips when you have that genuine feeling of gratitude and sending tips (even if small) feels like a right thing to do!
  • We think that the user who would receive your tip would appreciate any amount - whether it is $0.05 or $5. This amount could be totally different if you would ask people in the different parts of the world
  • From Alex - As typical North American corporate programmer, here is what I would tip:
    • $0.50 - if the answer was just a reference to somebody else’s (correct and useful) answer
    • $1 to $5 - if the question was medium difficulty, and the person put in their own answer / a bit of their own time
    • $5 to … ??? - if the question is difficult, and the person gave brilliant answer, and even answered follow up questions - I would definitely tip double digit dollars (I’ve actually tipped $25 to a Bitcoin dev who answered my very specific question)
    • $0 - not all answers deserve tips, and 0 is perfectly fine

Your REPUTATION grows with every TIP

Total tipped (past 365 days):
  • $ 0-10
  • $ 10-100
  • $ 100-1,000
  • $ 1,000-10,000

Your COUNTRY moves up with every TIP