List of Open Sourced Hardware Security projects - HSM, Crypto Tokens, etc


Let's create a list of interesting Open Source Hardware Security projects like HSMs etc


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U2Fzero - FIDO U2F USB token

  • Available for about $8 from Amazon
  • Microcontroller - 8-bit Silicon Labs chip with 16K Flash
  • Secure Element - Atmel's authentication chip - one of the simplest and cheapest SE elements possible
  • Open Sourced hardware and software
  • CONS - same token can only be used on less than 16 websites b/c Secure Element chip can only hold up to 16 ECC Keys. This might be fixed with newer firmware versions though but it would require a major change in the key management strategy - from storing up to 16 ECC keys (existing approach) to deterministically generating unlimited number of ECC keys on the fly, without storing them in the SE chip (new approach)

Nitrokey - USB FIDO token plus More

  • 9 to 199 EUR - different models are available from 9 EUR (for simple FIDO U2F token) to 199 EUR (for USB token with advanced functions like encrypted storage etc)
  • Microcontroller - STM32 F1 series
  • Secure Element - some models do NOT have SE at all, some models use external SE in a form of pluggable Smart Card (small form factor like SIM card)

CrypTech Alpha - Open Source HSM

USB Armory - secure ARM Linux computer in a USB form factor




<string>This app needs access to the camera to take photos.</string>
<string>This app needs access to photo library.</string>

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