Will Bitcoin Tipping become a new Internet

Imagine some programmer from India who would answer your question here at BitExperts, saving you 10 hours of research and coding...
Would it feel good to reward them with a cup of coffee? A glass of beer?
If you just said "YES, I MIGHT ACTUALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT" - then please join us in this exciting SOCIAL EXPERIMENT called BITCOIN TIPPING.
We want to see how far it will go, and - who knows - maybe together we could help starting a NEW CULTURE on the Web 3.0!
It is not unlikely that in a few short years the Internet may look like this:

Millions of websites will feature Tipping Widgets

  • We are working on our own version of a Tipping Widget compatible with ANY website technology.
  • Other people are working on similar projects too.

Millions of websites will stop using Passwords

  • It is such a pain to manage all these different Passwords - there must be a better way!
  • Many companies like Microsoft with Windows 10, Google and FIDO Alliance are currently developing products to get rid of passwords. We are working on our own solution - meet QRID.com - liberating people from passwords!
  • QRID.com - mobile app that provides touch-less secure login into websites by scanning QR code on your monitor. No passwords required! QRID is OpenID Provider, so it could be used on millions of websites that already support OpenID.
  • QRID app has a Bitcoin Wallet built-in and it will also serve as a foundation to our Bitcoin Tipping Platform.
  • To be first to learn about QRID launch and get your short available username, please leave your email at QRID.com


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